The Lemonade Stand


Some kids run lemonade stands... Not this Degen Family.

The Lemonade Stand NFT

The Lemonade Stand

Some kids setup Lemonade Stands, but this is the dawn of web3 !! My kids went full degen and created an NFT set instead.

A project packed with family fun, all proceed go towards ice cream and good vibes.

Almost all artwork you see in these NFT's was drawn by my 4,7 & 8 year old children. Some traits are completely drawn by them, and some are colored by them. All of the art you see in this project my children had a hand in from start to finish. This was a really fun family project, we ordered a pen for the iPad, downloaded procreate and all learned together.

The artists


  • Mint date?

    Currently thinking about early November, but nothing is set in stone as far as a date just yet. We will announce the date with plenty of time left before mint date.

  • What Blockchain?

    ETH 2.0

  • Mint Price ?

    Everyone who mints will get at least 1 mint for free. Other minting details are still being determined.

  • Supply Size?

    This is being debated, but we are leaning on a smaller to moderate sized supply. leaning towards 3,333

  • What is an NFT

    Does anyone really actually know ?

  • How can I get a whitelist to mint ?

    We will be giving away a lot of whitelists on twitter to people who participate in our posts and raffles. Try to be a good person.